The workshop takes place at Heinrich-Heine University’s Haus der Universität on the 30th and 31st Sugust 2018. On both days, lunch will be provided.

Thursday (30/08/2018)

9:30‑9:45 Registration & Welcome
9:45‑11:00 How to choose between competing metaphysical theories? What are the correct meta-theoretical criteria for evaluating them?
Dr. Jiri Benovsky (Fribourg)
Invited Talk
11:00‑11:15 ☕️ Coffee Break
11:15‑12:00 Is our concept of existence inconsistent?
Sofia Bokos (Cologne)
12:00‑12:45 Carnap’s Empiricism, Semantics, and Ontology And its Ramifications
Jonas Raab (Manchester)
12:45‑14:00 🍱 Lunch Break
14:00‑14:45 Substantivity and Merely Verbal Dispute
Viktoria Knoll (Hamburg)
14:45‑15:30 Metaphysics as (Assessment-Relative) Explanation
John M. Bunke (Toronto)
15:30‑15:45 ☕️ Coffee Break
15:45‑17:00 The World Doesn’t Care
Dr. Richard Woodward (Hamburg)
Invited Talk
17:00‑17:15 ☕️ Coffee Break
17:15‑18:00 Towards a metametaphysical constitution? Three turns in global philosophy and a proposal for five directives
Otávio Marciel (Brasília)
18:00‑18:45 Suctural vs. Non-Structural Explanations in Metaphysics
Dr. Thomas Raleigh (Bochum)
19:30 🍲 Conference Dinner
Bistro Zicke
Bäckerstraße 51, 40213 Düsseldorf

Friday (31/08/2018)

9:30‑10:45 Can Structuralism solve the Plurality Problem? What is metaphysical realism to do about functionally equivalent theories?
Dr. Sophie R. Allen (Keele)
Invited Talk
10:45‑11:00 ☕️ Coffee Break
11:00‑11:45 Concept Formation in Mathematics: A case for Quasi-Empirical Metaphysical Research
Deniz Sarikaya (Hamburg)
11:45‑12:30 Undeniable Metaphysical Claims, Subtle Violence and Personhood
Felipe G. A. Moreira (Miami)
12:30‑12:45 ☕️ Coffee Break
12:45‑13:30 Category-mistakes in contemporary metaphysics
Rouyu Zhang (Durham)
13:30 🍕Pizza

A downloadable version is available here.


The workshop takes place at HHU’s Haus der Universität, lunch will be provided. If you want to participate, please register by sending a short mail to Paul Hasselkuß indicating your name, affiliation and dietary preferences.

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